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Mwalimu Cooperative Savings & Credit Society Limited (SACCO) was formed and registered in the year 1974 under the Co-operative Societies Act as a SACCO Society whose main objective is to mobilize savings and provide credit to members. Read More

  • About us


    Our staff have an obligation and willingness to accept responsibility for all our actions every hour of every day. We are accountable for providing the highest level of services to agreed standards.
    (ii)    HONESTY
    In our interactions with other members of staff or customers, what we say and do, is in a forthright, direct, clear, complete and sincere manner. Our word is our bond with each other.

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  • Our Membership

    With a membership of over 60,000 as at December, 2014 mainly drawn from:
    •    TSC Secretariat
    •    TSC teachers in Secondary schools & Tertiary institutions,
    •    TSC teachers in Primary schools (Diploma OR Degree holders)
    •    Mwalimu National Sacco Society Staff
    •    Members’ Spouses in formal employment.

    Our Membership

  • Loans and Products

    (1)     Wezesha Loan
    Wezesha (to enable) loan, is a product where members with ability to pay/service a loan but has not saved enough shares qualify for one, can access the loan facility from Mwalimu in form of advance while we retain part of it as savings.

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Our Vision

A World Class Co-operative Finance Institution (CFI).

Our Mission

To mobilize funds, provide credit and other financial services to our customers at competitive terms.